The Front Porch Library turns two!

It's our birthday. We hope you can join us for a potluck dinner and an outdoor movie. Kids, please bring your parents!

This week at the FPL

We had our monthly program at the Front Porch Library. “Words to Wear.” Each kid came up with some words to live by and put them on a T shirt. They ranged from the courageous, “Stand Tall, Don’t Fall” to the fierce, “Eat Or Be Eaten” to the personal, “Pit bulls, a Gir’ls Best Friend,” to the just plain hard to explain, “Give Or Not Give.” A great time was had by all!

Hot Tamale & Adrian Fogelin at the Downtown Book Fair

Adrian Fogelin & Craig Reeder

The Leon County Public Library is sponsoring the 3rd Annual Tallahassee Downtown Book Fair this Saturday at Ponce de Leon Park on Park Avenue.

Craig and Adrian (Hot Tamale) will kick things off with some music beginning at 9:30 am.
At 10:30 Adrian will put on her author hat and talk about her writing — but wait — there’s more!

Kids Find Clues, Solve a Mystery

Measuring wind speed while making his own wind

Ever wonder how fast air is moving when you blow out a candle?  Kids at The Front Porch Library (SM) found out when they used a hand-held weather station to measure wind speed.  This was just one of the mysteries revealed when teams — led by the intrepid FSU Circle K volunteers Arsenio, Antonio, and Elisa — completed an elaborate scavenger hunt.  There were mystery items to identify, mystery smells, a search for a heart-shaped leaf, a book with a fruit on its title, and many more.  In case you wondered, the peanut butter jar held 777 dried beans … and it wasn’t even full!

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Library Closed this Sunday for Easter Holiday

Max holds the camera

The Front Porch Library (SM) will be closed on Sunday, April 24th for the Easter holiday.  We will open again on Sunday, May 1st for regular library hours (4 – 6pm).

Children will be encouraged to add items to the Library’s Time Capsule, which will be sealed at the end of the month and not opened again for two years.

SAVE THE DATE: June 12th will be a celebration of The Library’s 2nd birthday.

photo credit: Max, age 5

This week at the FPL

It was “Mystery Day” at the Front Porch Library. A “murder cake,” that dripped blood and had a knife sticking our of it was served. But best of all was the scavenger hunt which slipped in a lot of science (What does each of these machines do? What animal did these two skulls come from?) as well as clues that took the form of riddles and logic questions–and of course we threw in a snappy round of dodgeball.

Dog Days with Randi

A day with the dogs and Randi

The dogs were the stars as Randi led them through the agility course.  It was loads of fun, especially when the kids got to help. A big “Thank You” to Randi, Tai, and Tripp for such a special program.

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Who's the best dog?!

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This week at the FPL

I presented to the “Forever Young” group at St. Paul’s Methodist Church. A terrific group, and when I talked about The Front Porch Library they asked what I needed. I plucked up my courage and said money–art supplies, cupcakes and legos cost. Those wonderful, practical people took up a collection. Thank you, thank you one and all!