PROGRAM CANCELLED Sunday due to plumbing repair

Due to a plumbing repair, the library program and library hours for this Sunday, Feb 19th are cancelled and will have to be rescheduled for another Sunday.  Adults and Key Club volunteers are welcome to assist with shelving and cataloging of books, but there will be no child activities taking place.
Stay tuned. 
Adrian & Kary

A Greek goddess is born

the gods walk among us

We’ve been exploring ancient Greek mythology this month — some of the oldest stories known.  The kids got the chance to create their own character modeled after some they heard about.  Special thanks goes out to Rob B, Tracy, Jen, Melissa, Heidi, Sally and Leon Key Club’s Jorge, Sam, Maddie & Allie for their help.

FSU Circle K and Key Club are the BEST!

You make us smile!

We have had a number of FSU Circle K and Key Club members join us as volunteers at The Front Porch Library, and we would like to extend a very public


to all who have helped in some way.

Click here for more information about an upcoming training session for volunteers.

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This week at the FPL

Yesterday was pumpkin carving day at the Front Porch Library. At first no one wanted to put a hand in “all that mess,” but very quickly everyone was up to their elbow in pumpkin guts and having a grand time.

We added 5 new kids to our rolls yesterday and (fortunately) are now getting help from volunteers from Leon High’s Key club–I sure hope they take over the world soon, these teenaged leaders are up to it.

This week at the FPL

It is rhythm day at the Front Porch Library. I’m scrubbing out as many big buckets as I can find to use as improvised drums. Craig is bailing Kary and me out by bringing his sense of rhythm. We’ll make rhythm instruments as well. All praise duct tape, recycled cans and dried beans!

Here’s the video Craig made for us: Music Day at The Front Porch Library