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Thanks to PayPal, you can make a donation directly to The Front Porch Library today.  The Front Porch Library relies on your donations to pay for craft supplies, snacks, educational materials, and to send kids on field trips and (in the past) even summer camp.

You are donating to the Seminole Manor Neighborhood Association, Inc. which is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.  All donors will be provided with written acknowledgement of their contribution.  Your contribution may be tax deductible.  To make a PayPal donation, click the Donate button below.


Donate Button with Credit Cards


If you prefer to give your gift the old fashioned way, make a check out to “Seminole Manor Neighborhood Association, Inc” and mail it to The Front Porch Library.  Send us an email message and we will give you our mailing address (frontporchlibrary at [using that cute little at sign] gmail [d o t ] com).  We know it involves an extra step, but you are donating to the library, which is such a worthy cause.  That makes you an “extra step” kind of person.  And we are honored!

Wondering why you’ve never seen the address for the library posted on this website?  We’re just protecting kids’ privacy, that’s all.



6 thoughts on “Make a Donation”

  1. We have a very nice wooden dictionary stand and Random House Dictionary of the English Language to donate. Can you use it?

  2. Please contact me, I would love to meet with you. I have several things to donate to the library, as well as see if the DAR can do more for your library.

      1. I can’t seem to.find a way to speak to you personally to set up a good time to speak with you. Is this the best way for us to communicate?

      2. We sent an email message to both of your email accounts associated with your comments. If you did not receive them, then write to us at frontporchlibrary (at) gmail [dot] com. We’ll connect, that way for sure.

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