Happy 6th Birthday to The Front Porch Library

Here are a few pics.  Click on any one picture and you can view them all like a slide show. Enjoy!

Pics from Build-a-Planet Day

Imagine if you could fit a whole world in the palm of your hand … all of terra firma in your grasp and ALIVE between your fingers.  We think this is what it might look like … (if that world were populated by plastic frogs and dinosaurs).

Here’s a link to the instructions for building your own planet. http://blog.craftzine.com/archive/2009/03/craft_project_mason_jar_terrar.html

Try it, we highly recommend it.

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this week at the FPL

After a two week vacation, the Front Porch Library is back. We started library time with a sudden interest in board games. Stratego, Mousetrap and Scrabble came down off the shelf. We quickly invented new and better rules for all three games. Ms. Kary led a group sitting on the floor in making beaded key chains minus keys to hang decoratively from back packs (school starts tomorrow). Mikayla made tiny three dimensional houses out of construction paper—the other kids placed orders for houses in their favorite colors. And then we revisited GIANT BUBBLES, which ended with bubble beards and bubble Mohawks. The kids will be good and clean for the first day of school.