Thank you Leon Key Club !!

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood

A group of intrepid volunteers arrived ready to tame the wildness of our front yard.  Adrian sat by and helped sort out weeds from flowering shrub, begrudging every moment she couldn’t jump up and prune.  A great big  “Thank You” to Leon Key Club.  You all are the greatest.

For more pics, click here.

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A Greek goddess is born

the gods walk among us

We’ve been exploring ancient Greek mythology this month — some of the oldest stories known.  The kids got the chance to create their own character modeled after some they heard about.  Special thanks goes out to Rob B, Tracy, Jen, Melissa, Heidi, Sally and Leon Key Club’s Jorge, Sam, Maddie & Allie for their help.

FSU Circle K and Key Club are the BEST!

You make us smile!

We have had a number of FSU Circle K and Key Club members join us as volunteers at The Front Porch Library, and we would like to extend a very public


to all who have helped in some way.

Click here for more information about an upcoming training session for volunteers.

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