this week at the fpl


Big thanks to all who made the 7th birthday of the Front Porch Library such a success! The party was several Sundays in the making when you think about the saucification of our community garden vegetables, cookie baking, and gluing paper crickets on our official invitations–six on the front of each, one inside for the seventh year. “Hop on over to the celebration!”

Our party began with the behind-the-scenes prep at first light and went on until we were put out of our misery by the arrival of our first guests. We had plenty of kid help from Klark, Olivia, Keith, Nalani, Elleina and Connor. They alternately helped decorate and tote plates and silverware and strayed into the building supplies, compelled to create something on the rug that had to be walked around.

The weather being iffy, Ern cleared out the family carport next door and we set up our motley array of tables made beautiful with an assortment of red and white tablecloths (Miss Jennifer insisted that for spaghetti we needed Italian restaurant style tablecloths).

We assembled the ice cream sandwiches (homemade cookies, vanilla ice cream), heated the sauces. Maya cooked the noodles. We ran around like crazy people, beautifying with bouquets of hydrangeas on the tables and a snappy parade of books on the cross brace in the carport.

Neighbors came and came. I think we counted 49, including Greg Mannheimer, a neighbor long gone from Seminole Manor, but back for the festivities.

We did the usual read-alouds. “When Dinosaurs Came With Everything” was the biggest hit. “You want a box of donuts? A free dinosaur comes with it.” Everyone got the name of a book character or famous person slapped on their back and by asking questions they had to determine who they were.

We had volunteers on the street shooting hoops with the kids, volunteers overseeing the book giveaway table, volunteers lighting cake candles, running melting ice cream sandwiches back to the freezer, carrying food to some neighbors too busy with a medical crisis to come by. Too many volunteers to name, but I thank them all from the bottom of my heart.

We did everything with china plates, cloth napkins, the usual library mugs for drinks. No plastic or paper died for the cause, and that meant that the cleanup without a dishwasher was pretty big. Thanks John R. Woodwardand Vikki and Lillian McGee. The cost of our principles is sometimes a lot of hard work.

Another fine year at the Front Porch Library.

Key Club rocks (literally)!

These kids are great.  They have an exciting evening of music planned.  And guess who gets to benefit from their verve and mellifluous vigor?  We do!

FPL July band fundraiser

Friends of the FPL, some of our wonderful Leon High volunteers are doing a fundraiser for the library. We’d be hard-pressed to keep our doors open and our kids engaged without these young volunteers (who are also great mentors). Check out the poster for details.

FPL closed this Sunday – Volunteer workday instead

recycled printing5

Dear citizens of the democratic republic of the Front Porch Library,

In an overwhelming show of hands it was voted that this coming Sunday we would be closed to kids,
but stage a much needed volunteer workday. I hope we will do everything from leafleting the neighborhood
to make up for our recent exodus of kids to cataloging, shelf reading, poster hanging and
testing out the library microscope to see if it works.
Please feel free to add suggestions of your own!
I hope to see a good group on Sunday–and in the meantime, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Miss Adrian

Library hours change for Daylight Savings Time

Don’t be scared … it’s just the time change! [artwork by Deveontae
This Sunday, November 3rd, The Front Porch Library (SM) will change its regular hours due to Daylight Savings Time.  For the next several months, the library will be open from

3 to 5 pm every Sunday

except for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.  Hope to see you there.

First field trip ever!!

Opperman concert

Adrian has invited FPL neighbors to go with her to FSU’s Opperman Hall on Sunday Nov 3rd to hear the Tallahassee Youth Orchestras in concert.  This activity will be in lieu of regular library hours that day.  If you are riding with Adrian, the caravan will leave around 2:15PM.

Tickets for the concert are being provided by irreplaceable and invaluable volunteer Jennifer K who gets them by way of her husband Ed K, who happens to be a conductor for the group.  Thank you both.

Tickets must be reserved ahead of time.  Let Adrian know by next Sunday (10/27) if you want one and if you need a ride.  She has a form for you to fill out to be sure we get your request.