This week at the FPL

Today at the Front Porch Library we began to build a Rube Goldberg machine. So far the marble only travels down the toilet paper tube, across the pickup sticks, hanging a left to enter the paper towel tube before jetting up the ramp and into a cup with a satisfying ping. Next Sunday, with a few addition, it should begin generating power. We hope.

This week at the FPL

Hot tip from the Front Porch Library: do not buy watercolors at the Dollar store. There is not enough paint in one of those things to paint even one decent color wheel. The plastic Easter eggs are good though. we decorated them with markers and stickers. The ones we bought (mysteriously) had two holes in the end. Poke sewing thread through and you have a fine, if ridiculously large, pendant.

We’re going to ** STAR ** in a movie!!

We have some exciting news.  The Front Porch Library has been selected by documentary filmmaker Amber McKenzie to be the topic of her next film.  Amber is from California — she’s also Jennifer M’s cousin.  She picked The Front Porch Library because she wanted an uplifting and inspiring topic.  She also wants more people to know about our library and thinks that a movie is the perfect way to accomplish that.

We would like you to plan to be at the library on Sunday, April 15th or Sunday, April 22nd (or BOTH!) to be in the production.

On the Sundays leading up to filming, we will be doing some spring cleaning and sprucing up of the front porch and yard.  We’ll also try  interviewing and photographing each other, like professional journalists and filmmakers do.  Library hours are 3  to 5 pm on Sunday.

Hope to see you soon.

This week at the FPL

It took them 60 years but the oaks finally managed to collapse the sewer pipe under the driveway at the library house with their insidious roots, causing expense, the loss of a driveway and a mud-bog cancellation of library hours yesterday. The plumbing is up and running but we have to recreate a driveway before next Sunday’s library hours. Sigh.

Map making

Here's what a map looks like from the library to home

We’ve been exploring maps this month and spent a day making our own.  Some maps showed the route from the library to home.  Others included friends’ houses in the neighborhood.  And a few maps were architectural, showing the layout of a bedroom.  Click here for more photos.

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PROGRAM CANCELLED Sunday due to plumbing repair

Due to a plumbing repair, the library program and library hours for this Sunday, Feb 19th are cancelled and will have to be rescheduled for another Sunday.  Adults and Key Club volunteers are welcome to assist with shelving and cataloging of books, but there will be no child activities taking place.
Stay tuned. 
Adrian & Kary