2/9/20: Mind reading day at the FPL.

Library was really fun today–and good-crazy. Vivienne brought her friend, Astrid, along, and a pad with the new language they were creating written on it (it sounded vaguely Russian which makes sense since Vivienne’s father is Russian). Not satisfied with simply creating a new language they created a new alphabet as well and were transcribing their new language into the new (and improved) alphabet.
Brianna came, then Klark and Olivia. We began the “formal” part of the program by doing the NY Times kid’s crossword puzzles (we aced ’em). Then I read them a book that took up after the “Happily ever after” of the Frog Prince. Evidently the “ever after” was not going so well. There were some regrets on the part of the princess over marrying a frog, some regrets on the part of the prince over not spending much time in the pond any more. The next “ever after” at the end of the book had two happy frogs leaping off into the sunset.
I put out drawing materials for us to do something similar, but climbing the giant ligustrum hedge and playing hide and seek were more attractive–and I thought, heck, kids don’t climb enough hedges or hide and seek enough.
Our neighbor, Randi, brought her pup Vinnie over. He caused some aww… moments in the flurry of climbing, hiding and seeking.
We then tried mind reading, picking up the numbers in each other’s minds. We weren’t bad at it. Really. I especially liked watching the number-sender (Klark comes to mind for his Houdini-like stare) telegraphing the number using nothing but brain waves (oh, there was that one time when Klark was nodding and shaking his head in a pattern that resembled the 7 he was thinking, but no one picked up on it). Everyone but Vinnie got in on the mind reading.
Then, cake. We had a great time today at the FPL. It was fun having Randi and Vinnie in the mix, along with Astrid, and watching kids rushing around like kids.

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I am a writer of novels for young readers. I also sing old time rock and roll in a duo called "Hot Tamale." My husband and I maintain our own 10 acre wildlife preserve. My home is Tallahassee, Florida.

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