11/10/19: Alien Worlds.

Today at the Front Porch Library we considered the possibility of life in places other than Earth. We looked at some of the theories that were popular, like a moon inhabited by all kinds of large mammals–there was a claim that they had been spotted through a telescope. You will be happy to know that they appeared quite bucolic and peaceful. Sadly, lunar cows have been disproven.
After a quick game that involved chalk lines on the road and teams facing off and trying to spike a ball over each other (our team won–me, Vivienne, and Samara) but it was pure luck. The other guys were darned good) we began designing habitable planets, even if they were only habitable to the creatures we created, creatures that could handle extreme cold, planets that were largely liquid–mostly though we had a good time talking while we drew and wrote.
As we were working we spotted an unusual mantis on the porch screen. That required me to go home and get Ray for a photo–you don’t see an unknown mantis every day.
Leaning against the door frame, Vivienne demonstrated how to make your hand go numb. Brianna one-upped with a trick that went like this: press your palm against a wall, hard, then take the hand away, rub your elbow and try to press your palm to the wall again. It won’t reach! There is no logical explanation, but it worked.
We shared a pan of warm brownies, then the game was picked up again at the end, the ball, once again, getting stuck up in the tree branches that overhang the street.
We are never good at ending library on the dot. Somebody always has to make a last shot, or climb a tree, or run around yelling. So we did. Another fine day at the FPL.

Author: slowdancejournal

I am a writer of novels for young readers. I also sing old time rock and roll in a duo called "Hot Tamale." My husband and I maintain our own 10 acre wildlife preserve. My home is Tallahassee, Florida.

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