Feb. 10: Volunteers and experiments.

We had the fraction upside-down today. Loads of volunteers, just two kids–the wonderful Klark and Olivia–but we made good use of everyone’s time. Library began with lots of food that needed putting away for the Granny Elliott Food Pantry.
Our three young volunteers, Alex, Abby, and Jean seemed to enjoy trying to figure out what some of the more obscure produce was. Chayotte? Jicama? One or two are still a mystery to me.
Jean was a special treat. She is an exchange student from France who landed in Tallahassee just this morning. How she stayed on her feet, I don’t know.
Mr. John and Miss Vicky helped us finish. We finally got the last unnamed, hairy piece of produce put away and moved on to library-as-usual. My friend Sharon Ketts sent us a couple of science experiment books so we performed three experiments.
For the first we predicted the trajectory of a rolled ball and a rolled egg (yes, I boiled it). The ball rolled straight. The egg was less predictable.Rolled on its equator it rolled straightish, but cock it even slightly, and it rolls in a circle (then there is the wobble). We talked about the value of rolling in a circle, then I shared a photo of the eggs of cliff-dwelling birds, which are far pointier than chicken eggs, then we looked at a drawing of murres nesting on ledges barely wider than one murre butt.
Then we tried the amazing-memory-paperclip-trick. Its memory needs strong coaxing. The clip has to be colder than room temperature before you distort it, the water you drop it in near boiling, but man, meet those conditions and the return to clip-shape is so fast you can’t even see it happen.
The third was a color experiment: Two glass containers with water in them, one sitting inside the other. Put yellow dye in one, blue in the other, look through the side and, voila! Green!
With Jean there we did the obvious, we asked her how to say this and that in French, then we all talked about our domestic political woes. Then Donna brought over Klark’s new puppy and all rational talk ceased. Everyone took a turn holding the sleepy pup.
Une autre belle journee a la Bibliotheque du Porche. (I don’t know how to do the accent marks–please imagine them).

Author: slowdancejournal

I am a writer of novels for young readers. I also sing old time rock and roll in a duo called "Hot Tamale." My husband and I maintain our own 10 acre wildlife preserve. My home is Tallahassee, Florida.

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