September 23, 2018: Small to Big.

The Front Porch Library and the latest food delivery for the food pantry overlapped–tomatoes and kids everywhere!
We managed. Charlie and Alex picked up the Scrabble game that has been sitting on the bed waiting for them to return. True, some of the words migrated in the intervening days….
Olivia made butter icing for the cupcakes I’d baked (chocolate–good looking too) and all the kids iced their own–we have quite a sprinkle collection. Too bad Brianna doesn’t like chocolate (who doesn’t like chocolate?)
Zoe came wearing a bead head covering Cleopatra would have envied.
We did a couple of interesting exercises. Every person wrote a noun on each of six slips of paper, then we ordered them from smallest to largest. Smallest was the atom, largest was the multiverse, but in between we had things like “my big brother,” an ant, T Rex. The slips paraded across the table.
So, we sorted by size. Then we sorted along a time line. I brought many of the family treasures that collect dust on shelves from a fossil fish, to the immigration declaration that let my Swedish grandfather and his family into the country, to a Roman clay lamp. We lined the objects (about 30 of them) up on the table.
After that, things became exuberant. Klark, Charlie, and Briana shot hoops and terrorized each other outside. Two new little girls came halfway through library. They wanted to paint–so paint we did. While they were painting I read aloud to them; several Elephant and Pig books. Sometimes I think I have a library as an excuse for doing voices like Elephant and Pig’s.
Another wild and crazy day at the FPL–I’ll clean up in the morning–and sort tomatoes.

Author: slowdancejournal

I am a writer of novels for young readers. I also sing old time rock and roll in a duo called "Hot Tamale." My husband and I maintain our own 10 acre wildlife preserve. My home is Tallahassee, Florida.

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