July 15, 2018: Tell me a story!

It was a storytelling gathering at the Front Porch Library. I cheated by reading a book about a meteorite named Ahnighito. It was, in essence, the biography of a rock. But the kids were spectacularly creative.
Kelby’s delivery mirrored Rod Serling’s (a cool guy Kelby probably never heard of). His arms remained crossed throughout, his voice low and monotone. “Unknown by Timmy’s mother, Timmy’s father was hanging dead in the closet.” (Many of the stories were told with the lights out, although in the middle of the afternoon that was not too effective.)
Harper had a woman tall enough to see in a second story window and a girl who, for some reason, could not get off her bed. The warning was, “Whatever you do, don’t put your feet on the floor.” This led to an unfortunate bathroom-related accident–the story was still scary.
Olivia had everyone give her the components of the story, the character’s names and ages, the setting (Klark suggested an abandoned church). She is a very active storyteller, assuming the body language of her characters (no Rod Serling at all).
Mr. John told a “true” story involving his father, Wakulla Springs, and a diving death.
Klark told a story that ended with the “Boo!” that never grows old.
Danny and Brianna were audience (although Brianna wandered off to draw–she is always drawing).
I found one basketball that still had enough air in it to bounce so we had a get-out-your-crazies strategy. At the end of the gathering I made sure the ball was back in the house. A reasonably-inflated ball is hard to come by. Flat? The library owns a whole collection.
A really fine day at the Front Porch Library.

Author: slowdancejournal

I am a writer of novels for young readers. I also sing old time rock and roll in a duo called "Hot Tamale." My husband and I maintain our own 10 acre wildlife preserve. My home is Tallahassee, Florida.

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