this week at the FPL

Library was a whirlwind. We had a 12 kids, but some of them should count double. Maybe triple. I read a wonderful picture book about a little girl who drew things that became the stories she told while drawing. Vivienne asked if there were many pages left because she was getting kind of bored. I persisted. She listened politely until the end.

We worked on the book chain, each loop printed with a title read and the reader. We hope to stretch it across the yard at the library birthday party. It is about two and a half feet long as of this second. The yard is very long.

We made paper mosaics. Most were stars or hearts, all were beautifully decorated with geometric scraps of paper. We punched holes in them and hung them from the hedge.

We drew with chalk on the street. We juiced a ton of grapefruits–so many Mr. John had to declare a time out, the juicer was overheating.

Kids climbed the ligustrum hedge. A couple needed assistance returning to the ground.

It was a very busy day at the library, one that included watermelon, grapes, whole wheat cheesy melts,strawberry cake, and two Band-aids.

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