this week at the FPL

You can’t get started too soon when it comes the the annual Front Porch Library birthday party, we do everything from scratch. Today we began making the highly artistic place mats. Every diner gets one of our individually designed place mats–nice to put a plate or take home for a souvenir.

Olivia followed up on our comic strip day by making a nice comic strip place mat. It featured an incredulous person having a hard time accepting that food could be served at a library. No way! Another had photos of cake glued to it. Message? The FPL is a piece of cake!

Then there was Violet’s “Horse” place mat. It was understated, just the word “Horse” written over and over in many different sizes. There was the WOW! place mat, just that one word writ large, and so many others–you may have to come to the party to get the full effect.

We also began the reading chain. Each title read by a kid gets written on a strip of paper which is then added to a paper chain. We are hoping to stretch the finished chain across the entire yard–see you can’t start that kind of project the week before.

Fox and Jasper tore up and down the street on bike and scooter. The street in front of their house is too busy for tearing.

Klark and I took on a 200 piece Harry Potter puzzle. Kennedy and Violet both weighed in. So did Mr. John, but It beat us, although we made pretty good headway. We found the spooky hand and Harry’s glasses. We just ran out of time.

Today we had a blue moon cake, loads of fruit and cheese–we prove that Olivia’s place mat about eating food at the library is true any time we get together. Books…blue moon cake…magic markers…Harry Potter in 200 pieces? It doesn’t get much better than that.

Another fine gathering at the FPL.

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