this week at the FPL

It was garden day at the library. Our neighborhood has a community garden and I start about a bazillion plants for it. Today we were giving away plants to kids and their semi-delighted parents–I always start way too many plants for the community garden. (Hence garden day).

In addition to giving away plants, we read a really good picture book about a bleak city that had an abandoned elevated railroad that was being taken over by volunteer plants and a kid-gardener who helped the plants to spread until the city was green and no longer bleak.

Then we walked down to our garden with a stop at Kary and Sally’s prolific loquat tree which now is rather bare up to the height of our tallest kid, CJ. We then paraded down the street, too big a force to be overlooked by traffic.

At the garden we identified the winter and summer vegetables (we are at the turnaround time of the year when collards shade starter tomatoes). The best part was pulling carrots and beets. Fox, our littlest kid (Fox is three but prefers to be thought of as two) invariably pulled the biggest carrots. We picked kale, collards, Swiss chard, lettuce. Everyone rambled back to the library with a big bag full. Then we distributed plants, shot hoops, ate fudge cake.

We also began the first planning for the library’s 8th birthday. We always throw a dinner for the whole neighborhood. We serve that ever-expandable main dish, spaghetti, always using the frozen leftover tomatoes and peppers from the prior year’s garden–this year the storm and power outage robbed us of our frozen stores, but we had a donation of a HUGE number of onions, all on the verge of going over the edge, but Mr. John, at great personal expense to his eyes, cut them up, put the bad parts in the compost, and froze the good parts, and so, we begin to gather the materials for another loaves and fishes dinner that will feed about fifty.

As we were closing up, Joe found a very high-level origami book. Evidently Joe loves doing origami. The library donated the book to him–sometimes the best thing we can do is give our books away. He promised to bring me some origami in return.

It was a nine kid day, which is a good number. Nine kids can all be crazy and still, a good time is had by all. A good green day at the FPL.

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