this week at the FPL


I never guess right! I thought, yup, this’ll be a slow day at the FPL. Wrong! The first three kids arrived an hour early. They haven’t been to the library for a while and they’d walked a long way, so I opened up. We decorated the cake. Boy did we ever! The last time Shameecia and Ta’Quan were with is we were doing Book Bank, the kids getting paid for reading (a quarter a book) but encouraged to bank the money and earn interest at the Great Front Porch Library Bank. We dug out the old chart and settled up.

Vivienne brought her “friend since she was two” Lauren. Then Klark rushed around the fence saying he would have been there earlier but he had to clean his room–and still we hadn’t hit the official start of library.

We made puzzles and bead bracelets and ate the healthy snack. The twins rolled in, and Ariana, and Leyla, and Joe. It finally hit the start time and I did my program on how sound works–we considered sound waves in vacuums, sound waves in air, sound waves in water. We did another unsuccessful experiment from the internet, this one involving a straw and blowing really hard. I think the internet likes to make me look bad.

Then we took a glass and bet whether the pitch would go up or down when we added water. We tried to make a glass harp. My thinking was faulty. I figured as long as the empty glass was pitched higher than the note on the scale we were shooting for we were fine. Let’s just say that many of the glasses were not big enough to hold the necessary water to drop the pitch to the desired note.

So we improvised. I got out my guitar. Vivienne made up a song about the sky and I sang harmony. She has a very sweet voice and a real ear for melody–and she is six. Then she instructed me to “play minor” while she told a scary story.

At the table with the big umbrella Ta’Quan and Klark did melty beads. The problem came in the melting. Both of our trusty irons seem to have gone kaput–when we got one working Mr. John handled the melt. By the time all the beads were melted enough to stick together they were impossible to get off the backing boards–believe me we tried.

It sounds, perhaps, like most of our activities failed, but Danny and I had an “ugly face drawing contest.” I think I won–he disagreed. Klark rode around on Joe’s shoulders, Vivienne distributed her leftover cake to all the ant hills in the area, Leyla velcroed herself a puppet.

Thanks to the volunteers who kept things from catching fire: Mr. John, Miss Vikki, Isaac and Sam. We are quite an enterprise!

Another fine day at the Front Porch Library.

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