this week at the FPL


It was music day, two, at the Front Porch Library. My music partner, Craig had the kids build simple one-string instruments (well, not that simple–nails and screws were involved).

Let me see if I get this right. The sound was amplified by a jar. The string was stretched the length of a board. Playing? It was a little like playing slide guitar. The slide was a length of PVC pipe. The string was plucked. A ruler came in handy when looking for the octave.

The kids decorated their instruments and created songs.

The twins, Harper and Danny (the boys are back!) created a memorable song: “dog, dog, cat…dog, dog…cat…” Yes, it was simple, but catchy.

We had an incredible abundance of volunteers from Leon High’s Key Club, and they all came in handy. We got all the shelves reorganized, books added to the collection and those instruments got built with plenty of help.

It was a busy, busy and somewhat tuneful day at the FPL.

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