this week at the fpl


It is time to leaflet the neighborhood again and gather the new kids into the library–our kids come and go so fast–but the days when we are a small group are a different kind of fun.

The read-aloud was “Matthew’s Dragon,” which included “every dragon ever imagined.” They ran the gamut from Chinese dragons to traditional green dragons. We had a lot of fun creating their various vocalizations, wondering why some of them had no legs, and sharing what we knew about this rarelyobserved species.

Then we went on with our study of human anatomy. It was heart day. We did an experiment with a tennis ball, a sharp knife, a funnel and a glass of water. Cut an X in the ball, insert the funnel and fill the ball with water. Squeeze the ball and you can simulate the action of a heart valve. It gushes in a satisfying way and then closes.

The other trick–also from the internet–was a TOTAL FAILURE. Do not fall for the old Play Doh pulse meter. You know, the one where you put a glob of Play Doh on a pulse point,put a toothpick in it and then watch the toothpick jiggle and count the jiggles to get your heart rate. The tooth pick doesn’t even budge!

We also used a stethoscope that belonged to my sister-in-law Norma. I have terrible news. They don’t work either. That looking serious and concerned doctor’s do while “listening to your heart”? It’s all an act!

We then lapsed back to last week’s lesson, the human skeleton, and assembled the EASY TO ASSEMBLE plastic human skeleton. All I can say is, hah! Even with Klark, our master puzzle kid, at work knees seemed intent on bending the wrong way.

Jorge, who insists on going back to college before our next meeting, made a mobius strip for all to admire–a rather abstract farewell.

Miss Jennifer made sensational snacks, Olivia and Vivienne drew thank you cards.

The best line of the day was Vivienne’s. “I counted to infinity once.”

A quiet but fine day at the library.

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