this week at the FPL


An hour ahead of FPL opening time Joe, Killian and Anola were at my door. What the heck, what’s an hour? The program today was Body Shop 2: Them Bones, but I couldn’t start that until real library time.

Anola began building with Duplo Blox, Joe drew and Killian did the cool Killian-at-rest-thing, slouching in our aged and sagging Morris chair.

Olivia and Klark came early too–as soon as they’d finished cleaning their rooms. Olivia and I decorated the cake–a dirt cake (her idea). The crushed thin mints on top were perfect when it came to mimicking dirt.

Then Jorge, our longest-running volunteer who will be heading back to college in Chicago after next Sunday’s gathering, arrived. Vivienne breezed in and drew the hind quarters of a bobcat, then declared herself bored.

Isaac came next–and it was time to launch the bone lesson. I had a huge whale vertebra that was a great intro to the concept of the spinal cord. We found where bone ended and cartilage began in our noses. I showed them the hollow center of a fossilized bone. We discussed red blood cell production. We found hinge joints in our bodies and ball and socket joints.

And then we exploded in a frenzy of parallel play.

Joe had a fond memory of tower building so a massive tower building project got underway on the living room rug. Anola, Jorge and I made floor puzzles in the kitchen. Vivienne concentrated on serving plastic food.

There are still two huge puzzles on the kitchen floor: pirates and a coral reef scene, and the dirt cake was downright excellent! I drove Joe, Killian and Anola home. The rest of the dirt cake went with them.

Another fine, chaotic day at the Front Porch Library.


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