this week at the FPL

I have been away from the Front Porch Library for three Sundays, depending on the kindness of wonderful volunteers, Miss Heather, Miss Donna, Miss Penny, Mr. John, Miss Kary, and always Miss Jennifer–and if I left your name out it is because we drove for two days straight to get home.

Today we had a happy/sad gathering. One of our big families is leaving the neighborhood so this was probably their last Sunday at the FPL. It seemed like the right day to cover important things like, who has more bones, babies of adults? (babies) How many farts does the average person manufacture in a day–I’ll leave you to speculate. These are just a couple of the highlights as we launched into our in-depth study of the human body, How many hairs do you lose in a day? If you touched your brain, would you feel it?

After that, we did a blind scavenger hunt. Each searcher was led around blindfolded and had to perform various tasks, like find all the rocks scattered on a table, count them then put them in a glass. The sighted kids quickly discovered how easy it was to mess with the searcher by moving the rocks around as they were felt for.

We all had a great time being both the stumbler and the guide.

Mr. John made brownies that were served hot with ice cream. In order to get served each child had to memorize the definition of an unfamiliar word. This is my latest tricky discovery. WILL WORK FOR FOOD can be restated: WILL LEARN FOR TREATS.

We will all be sad to see Elleina, Nalani, Connor and Keith leave the house at the end of the street. The hardest thing about having a library is watching our patrons throw their bikes in the back of a family truck and go. I miss every one of them–even the ones who quit coming because they had the audacity to grow up.

Another fine day at the FPL.

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