this week at the fpl

maybe something beautiful

Of course it poured right before Library yesterday. The usual “bill of fare” I post on the chalk board at the end of the driveway became a ghost of itself and the kids stood in front of it trying to figure out what we were going to do by reading what was left. “Vanilla Cake” was the only part that was still really legible.

The read-aloud is usually something funny, but today the read-aloud was “Maybe Something Beautiful’ by Isabel Campoy, the story of a gray inner-city neighborhood brought to life by the spontaneous painting of murals. It gave us a chance to talk about our own neighborhood and our efforts at The Front Porch Library. One thing I want to give the kids is the feeling that they are important and that they are part of something big, that we are a community.

We had our individual reading time. Many kids read aloud to a listener. Our reading time is anything but silent.

Then we took turns pulling letters out of a Bananagrams game and acting the letters out while everyone guessed what the letters were–sometimes with the help of a partner. Try acting out an M on your own.

Then each kid pulled a letter and made a poster using only things that started with that letter. Dictionaries were deployed.

We do the organized activities each week and then the disorganized activities take over. Klark found the package of water balloons left out from last week when we filled a few and then it rained so hard anything involving water seemed redundant. We played water balloon catch and blew some up with good old air and stuck them to our hair with static electricity. We ate that vanilla cake, and then all the bikes lying in the driveway were stood up again and the kids scattered out into the neighborhood to bike around, visit each other’s houses and eventually eat supper.

Another fine day at the Front Porch Library.

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