this week at the FPL


It was a quiet day at the Front Porch Library, the turnout small. I read the first three chapters of The BFG out loud–our next goal is to take our kids to the movies, probably the BFG.

We re-instituted our summer tradition of a reading time. You can read silently or read to someone, but everyone reads.

And we got to try the great puzzle challenge. We set up tables and started easy with 24 piece puzzles (kittens and chimps). We ran Ray’s old dark room timer. At the ding everyone switched puzzles.

Warmed up we went on to 48 pieces (superheroes), then 100 (also superheroes). 100 pieces whupped our butts, not because we are terrible at assembling puzzles (Klark is a puzzle champ), but because the puzzles were bad. Seriously. There were only about four shapes to the pieces so the pieces fit just about anywhere. We, ended up with the Hulk’s fingers growing out of, well, places fingers don’t grow out of, even on superheroes.

We had a good time–sometimes a low turnout is not a bad thing. Few but focused. Another good day at the FPL.

One thought on “this week at the FPL”

  1. Dear Ms. Fogelin and reading friends,
    My summer reading list includes the six books in the “neighborhood series” and I am enjoying getting to know all of the characters in each book. I am very familiar with their “territory” since I have taught at Sabal Palm elementary for 25+ years. Although I do not live in the neighborhood, I spend my days there over 10 months a year. I feel at home with the families and children who become “my school family” each year. As I approach my retirement I am trying to think about good homes for the thousands of books that I own. Although I will want to keep some of my beloved favorites in hopes I will have a grandchild to read to, I was wondering if your library might have a need for some of the others. I would love to visit one Sunday, to see your friends and enjoy the fun.
    Bridget McDaniel

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