this week at the FPL


This is Father’s Day, yes, but it is also the eve of camp for many of our FPL kids. That meant making sure that all was ready. Snacks? Check. Closed shoes? Check. Drop off at 9? Check. I think we are good to go. Vivienne was our first camper, boldly going solo, but our other eight are all joining the Zoo Crew. Those animals are in for a real treat.

During library we sat out at the round table in the driveway and made puzzles. I printed puzzle patterns off the good old internet and glued them to cardboard. Draw on the blank side, cut them out and voila! A home made puzzle!

We told father stories–some very sad. Not all kids get great dads. Mr. John told about his father working as a code-breaker. I talked about my Dad, the original owner of our library house. A couple of the kids had a bad-dad smack-down. It was hard to say which dad was the baddest.

We made some beautiful puzzles and talked and talked–there weren’t as many of us as usual. Most were off celebrating Dad. There were bounteous snacks for all and leftover library birthday cake–quite delicious eaten frozen.

Kweli arrived with the beginning of dreads. Killean wore a shirt that said: In Memory of When I Cared. Dee Dee came to the library for the first time in years–that sure was hug-worthy. Joe sang enthusiastically, although not exactly on key. Klark and Olivia rolled in after their family’s dadfest. Miss Jennifer got stung by a wasp. Isaac passed the sign in sheet then settled into the puzzle-making.

It was a little like a quilting bee, but one that required a lower skill level.

Another fine day at the Front Porch Library.

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