this week at the fpl — new champion watermelon seed-spitter crowned

FPL June8

It is beginning to seem like the norm. Sunday, library day–throw a dinner for all the neighbors! Actually this week was Olivia’s birthday party which started at 2 and went through the end of library time. Past actually. The carport that was cleared for our birthday shaded the Olivia-fest and in addition to neighbors Olivia’s home school group came, plus loads of friends.

The food was great. But what part of it was library? I am proud to say the library provided the waterworks. We mounted a rainbird sprinkler on top of a stepladder and got the kids wet — especially Olivia’s brother Klark, who spent a huge amount of time standing on the ladder messing with the water flow.

We also had Miss Heather and Miss Jennifer in the back feverishly sorting books to give away–our latest theory, give some of the books away and then we can imagine everyone at home reading. We like that mental picture.

The library finished its official duties with the annual watermelon seed spitting contest in the street. It begins with a chalk line and kids standing, barefoot, behind it. There is technique to seed spitting. Rear back and hock it.

We have a string for each of the previous year’s record-setting spits. Our longest 24 1/2 feet was launched by a volunteer perhaps four years ago. We stretched the string on the road so everyone knew what they were shooting for.

I am proud to say that Keith , 11, exceeded the old record. Yes! That boy can spit! We haven’t measured his string officially, but I’ll bet his record-setter went 26 feet.

I know that libraries are diversifying to stay relevant as books follow the path of the dodo. But I’ll bet we take the cake in the diversifying department: getting kids soaked, giving them books and encouraging them to spit for distance. Top that Leon County Public!

Another fine day at the FPL.

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