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Today at the Front Porch Library we continued with the very serious business of getting ready for our 7th birthday party. Over these long years certain traditions have become well established–perhaps the strongest one is using whatever we have on hand to make the meal.

The early arrivers, Kweli, Olivia and Klark operated the impact nut cracker, and picked the shells off a huge pile of street pecans–we needed them for our cookies.

The tradition of pasta sauce made from the end of last year’s crop of tomatoes and peppers with this year’s onions and squash was in full swing along with a fairly recent tradition, the not-burning of the sauce, a tradition since Mr. John took over the effort from me (the traditional burner of the sauce), this year with Killean wielding the vegetable knife alongside him.

On the porch Hanna and Isaac mixed double batches of chocolate cookie dough for the also-traditional homemade ice cream sandwiches. We freeze the cookies, then put slightly softened ice cream between two and freeze again. Good Humor eat your heart out.

We had a full table of thankers working on handmade cards. So many people have helped us and saying thank you is part of what we do (so if we owe you one it will get there as soon as I find some strange, oversized envelopes).

Then there was the decoration table staffed by Miss Jennifer, Miss Judy and CJ1 (who was mostly three to critique the work of the other two).

We are never actually ready for the dinner party we throw each year for library families and the neighborhood in general. Some years we forget to borrow chairs. Some years the bottom third of the spaghetti sauce is black and stuck to the pan. Some years it rains and we have to squeeze the whole neighborhood into a 900 square foot house. Sometimes, at the last minute I break a glass in the sink and end up at urgent care. Who knows what it will be this year? But whatever it is, a good time will be had by all.

Another fine day at the Front Porch Library.

2 thoughts on “this week at the fpl”

  1. I LIKE that new tradition and the sauce looks yummy with all those wonderful veggies in there! Do you guys do delivery to NJ?

    From the Mobile Desk of Bill Westervelt


    1. Thanks Bill. Sorry we can’t do NJ delivery. We’ll do our best to give you a savory virtual experience. — ksk

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