this week at the fpl


Wow, what a busy day at the Front Porch Library! We are preparing for our big seventh birthday. As always, Mr. John manned the kitchen, but he had Killien, who was with us for the first time, for help–even after Mr. John mentioned that he had, perhaps been named after a bottle of beer. I thought we were leaning on him awfully hard, but it turned out he likes to cook and isn’t allowed to do it at home, so, huzzah!.

Meanwhile his four-year-old sister was making invitations at the big plastic table in the driveway along with Olivia, Nalanie and Elleina. That involved coloring and gluing grasshoppers on construction paper cards, six on the outside, the seventh on the inside–I guess it was a metaphor. each grasshopper represented a year–Hop on Down To the Library!

We made place mats too, and there was a really lively lego table where Jackie, Zion, Connor, Klark and Arianna built mostly planes. Of all our building blocks the legos are by far the most popular, even though the constructions are relatively small. We, the adults, admired many palm-sized planes and looked serious as it was explained that in addition to flying “this plane is also a motor cycle.”

Plastic food was served in the living room; I ordered a burger with everything on it. Real food (healthy snack and not-so-healthy cookies) was served in the driveway.

It was a busy, good day at the Front Porch Library.

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