this week at the fpl

fpl slam dunk

Word on the street was that many of our Front Porch Library kids were going to birthday parties today so I expected things to be quiet. Maybe we could get some cataloging done…maybe plan a little for the library’s seventh birthday party. Wrong.

We had plenty of kids. Several boys arrived armed with plastic guns. We reminded them of the no guns during library rule. They rolled their eyes–for Pete sake, they’re plastic, but they humored us leaving the arsenal in the back room.

We took a look at the globe and figured out which ocean I flew over to get to Italy and hypothesized why the return trip took longer.

We tested our two new basketballs. Our good old balls have mysteriously disappeared, but Miss Donna found that Walmart was selling brand new ones for five bucks apiece. Here is a photo of a collective slam-dunk, CJ 1 showing Javis how it’s done.

We made a big Thank You card for the DAR for sending kids to camp this summer–ten in total! The card featured many ferocious animals. The kids are all joining the Zoo Crew at the Tallahassee museum. I just hope the animals they work with aren’t as dangerous as the ones on the card. I hope they won’t really be feeding jaguars.

Another fine–and unexpectedly busy day at the FPL.

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