this week at the fpl

fpl monster


After our big moment in the sun with WFSU the Front Porch Library followed up with a small and quiet gathering–but good. Our old buddy CJ1 was back with us after disappearing with his mom and brother to Jacksonville for several months. He is taller (we didn’t think that was possible) and thinner, and he can still do a sensational back flip.

I read Danny Schnitzlein‘s “The Monster Who Ate My Peas.” As always the read aloud was a hit–what is not to like about a kid bargaining with a demanding monster whose saving grace is that he will eat yucky peas?

Then we looked at animal’s with interesting adaptations for the particular niche they filled–then we created animals of our own that had to fit particular niches, like living deep underground, or being an appropriate companion for a dragon. We sat out at the umbrella tables drawing feverishly.

Layla, our youngest new library kid demonstrated that she can spell her own name. We all praised her, and her mom, Sam, who is a natural born teacher. Klark wiped out on his bike and impressed everyone by being completely cheerful despite some bleeding that could really have used one of the big bandaids (if we’d had one). Olivia and CJ1 wowed us with gymnastics on the lawn, and even on the hard top road.

Rylie and Kyle were our Key Club volunteers today. They designed animals along with the rest of us and were great company for the kids. Judy Leclere used all her persuasive posers to promote reading, and she brought the DAR check from the Caroline Brevard chapter that will send our kids to camp–we are so grateful.

The cake was chocolate, iced by Olivia and sprinkled by Klark. Another great day at the FPL!

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