this week at the FPL



What was I thinking? I went to bed without filing the Front Porch Library report. It was a beautiful cool afternoon for carrying our leaning-to-the-left glorified cardboard box puppet stage out onto the lawn so we could practice “How the Frog Lost His Tail.” (As you can probably guess pride was involved–traditional folk tales hate pride).

Half of our cast (four siblings) was with their dad this week so we had to scramble some to cover the lion, monkey, and the two puppeteers whose job it is to scrunch inside the box. We got by, even if we lacked grace and no one seemed to be able to keep track of where we were in the script.

We then made giant monkey and snake cutouts to hang in the bushes when WFSU comes out to film us for a local segment next Sunday. Hopefully all our actors will be with us that day and everyone will find their highlighted parts in the script and hopefully the TV crew will enjoy the weekly healthy snack (this week, strawberries, ants on a log, and peanut butter crackers) and a slice of our always unpredictable celebratory cake–yesterday Klark and Olivia helped Mr. John ice the cake. Half was hot pink, the other half sky blue. Sprinkles were involved along with a limited number of gum drops (someone found a nearly empty bag at the back of the cupboard).

Another fine day at the Front Porch Library.

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