this week at the FPL


Although our official start is 4 Library began at about 10 today. Kids just started wheeling in on bikes or on foot–Connor rode his ziggler, which may be his name for a not-quite-tryke that is propelled by zigging and zagging back and forth. Olivia and Klark are moving into the house next door so while their parents painted bedrooms they hung out at the library. (We are all excited that they will no longer be two blocks away, but right here!)

The day went into improvised projects using paper and stickers and glue and Legos and, well, loads of things that got carried out to the tables.

Official library began with a dramatic reading of Jackie Mims Hopkins, “The Gold Miner’s Daughter.” The kids had a great time figuring out which fairy tales she had squeezed into her story.

Then we practiced our puppet show, “How Frog Lost His Tail.” It went really well with Elleiana and Connor crammed in our cardboard box puppet theater manning the puppets. Other kids voiced the puppets and acted as foley artists providing the sound effects. Miss Heather and Hanna stage managed. Kweli, the voice of the lead character (frog), was sick but read valiantly–the show must go on!

After that the Thank you table went into high gear making cards for a couple of the patrons of the library–thanks to generous help we are lining kids up to go to a week of camp this summer. Everyone is really excited–especially me.

The library itself has been undergoing a metamorphosis I find astonishing. Miss Jennifer W has taken it upon herself to straighten us out–and this means repainting, organizing, even supplying a new table umbrella to replace the one that has been hanging sadly limp, one side busted like a broken wing. I keep telling her to pace herself and praying that she won’t burn out.

To top the day off we heard the jangly notes of–you won’t believe this–an ice cream truck. I thought they quit making neighborhood rounds sometime around 1972. Our volunteer, Isaac, bought a round of popsicles. It was an exceptionally fine day at the library.

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