this week at the FPL


Today at the Front Porch Library we cast the parts for our puppet show, “How the Frog Lost His Tail.” Bet you didn’t know he had one, but due to pride, he lost it (Lion bit it off). Olivia will be narrating, Kweli will play the proud frog, Keith the lion, Klark the elephant and Nailani the monkey.

Having cast the speaking parts, the puppet table went into full production–Olivia insisted that the characters needed eyebrows and we had feathers so it worked out well.

Since it is the week before Easter we had volunteers hide eggs for the egg hunt while we ran lines in the living room after I explained that running lines didn’t involve actual running. We have yet to find our inner frog, lion, monkey and elephant, but the reading of the lines was pretty fluent, even if they haven’t yet used a voice that didn’t sound exactly like the one they always use.

The egg-hiders did a remarkably good job. It took a long time to find them, and we never found them all. Even the egg-hiders were stumped.

We have two big things coming up. The first is that WFSU is coming out to do a segment on us–hence the puppet show. Second, we are gearing up to send kids to a week of summer camp at the Tallahassee Museum. We have had generous donations, most notably from the local DAR and from some of my writing friends, but as we broach the subject with families the response is bigger than we imagined.

If you’d like to help us get a bunch of great deserving kids to camp you can donate at our website.Anything at all will help, and we do have a Paypal account.



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