this week at the FPL


Today really was that unheard of event, the kidless day at the FPL, but we had such a great crew of volunteers. Jennifer, Judy, Penny and John worked inside–John iced the cake as it was the general consensus that even without kids cake was in order.

The outside crew, Hanna, Tiffany, Jen, and two guys I will call Sam and Jack because those may be their names (first time volunteers) pulled weeds, trimmed hedges, raked leaves–I got an abbreviated version of the whole show as I went to urgent care halfway through. Sick all week, it seemed like checking on the pain under my rib cage was a good idea. It is probably pulled cartilage (probably not a blood clot). They always throw in one scary choice with instructions like, if you can’t breathe or the pain becomes excruciating call 911. Actually, they were very helpful and thorough and I believe all medical professionals take an oath to give all possible diagnoses no matter how scary or unlikely.

I can’t wait to see the FPL yard by daylight. I expect to be dazzled!


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