this week at the FPL


It looked for a time as if we would have no kids at the Front Porch Library. We immediately began a much needed reorganization. Our new volunteer, Karen took on labeling and sorting nonfiction. Isaac shelf-read. Hal organized the building materials. John and Judy began organizing the back rooms, then the Early kids arrived.

We did the usual read aloud. Today was Jackie Mims Hopkins “The Three Armadillies Tuff,” which got a lot of laughs. After, John read with Tamiya while everyone else made puppets. Miss Jennifer W slid in during the read aloud–and she had made us a wonderful puppet stage out of a giant cardboard box. We had puppets with mustaches and puppets with yarn hair and puppets with feathers. A handsomer bunch of paper bags you have never seen. We put on a couple of improv shows–singing was involved–then ate a carrot cake (some of us only ate the icing).

Another fine day at the library.

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