this week at the FPL


Today at the Front Porch Library we began with an overwhelmingly good healthy snack thanks to Jennifer W. Between the home-baked muffins, fresh fruit and apple juice we had a feast!

It was pay day today, the day the library antes up for books read, essays written and other acts of learning. Today’s non-reading choice was a measuring project. The ruler turned out to be a foreign tool to the kids. What the heck is an inch anyway? We measured lines and rectangles of paper. I have never thought so deeply about how to position a ruler, how to name what those little marks between the whole inches signify. We boldly moved on to measuring the circumference of the oak in the front yard. Then we talked about how a foot was a unit of measurement based on a genuine, long ago foot and we measured the distance between chalk lines on the street using our own heel-to-toe built in rulers.

While we were on the street Vivienne suggested that we trace our shadows on the street with chalk. We have a short-lived portrait out there of Klark on a scooter, Delmus looking like a kid about to sink a shot, Vivienne being princess-y, and many more.

The kitchen pay office opened. We calculated the payout and wrote the details in our bank books. The twins Terion and Terianna wisely left cash in the bank opting to earn the very generous interest offered only by the Book Bank–sorry you have to be an FPL kid to get a deal like this.

Another good day at the Front Porch Library.

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