this week at the FPL

We had a rousing time at the Front Porch Library today. We never did get around to the “If I were president” project (in honor of president’s day) but many valentines were drawn and glued and glittered, and we began to make the hand-drawn thank you cards to friends who have made donations to our cause–we are gathering our assets and all our organizational skills to send some of our kids to a week of summer camp at the Tallahassee Museum.Cynthia Shiver, Mike O and Susan Williams (the princess) your cards will be on their way to you soon. Robin W Ecker and Robyn Davis, next week ladies.

It was warm enough that we could do all our projects outside. We had a never-ending round of Connect Four at one of the folding tables–sometimes the lesson is more basic than connecting, vertically, horizontally or on the diagonal. Sometimes the lesson is taking turns and not throwing a playing piece when you lose.

The art table was in furious production–those beautiful cards are thanks to Nalani, Elliana and Vivienne.

Meanwhile, in the street the hoop was getting a workout. We were very lucky today that we had a large turn out of Key Club volunteers. They really saved the day as Miss Heather and I were the only adults (or good approximations thereof) on the scene.

We worked on reading, manners, and self-control. We ate a pile of carrots, peanut butter-raisin crackers and as the closer, a blue cake. I always buy the cake mixes that take oil, not butter (butter is too darned expensive), but Ray picked up the mix and he did not know about the economic boycott on butter so today’s cake was exceptionally blue and exceptionally delicious.

Another whirlwind day at the FPL.

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