this week at the FPL


It was Pay Day at the Front Porch Library and there was a fury of reading to get in the last couple of books for the month. It was, in fact going on all over the house and in the yard, along with a major Duplo-Block build on the lawn and an intense round of a board game with a name like (maybe exactly like) Worst Case Scenario in which you had to pick the correct way to tell Bubonic Plague was setting in, deter a shark, or escape a tornado when no shelter was available.

Keith and I were a team (one volunteer – one kid). The other team was Nick and TJ. As TJ read words like “meningitis” I realized this game was a tougher reading challenge than the ones posed by any of our books.

It was close, but Keith and I thought our way around what to do when you swallow poisonous mushrooms or how to handle a sudden fainting spell–so, we won! The game wasn’t one I purchased, not even at my usual exclusive store, Goodwill. No, I found the game lifting the lid of a neighbor’s trash can and a game that involved sharks, floods. famine and radiation seemed too good to pass up.

The gathering closed with visits to the Pay Office (AKA the kitchen). Each kid got a bank book so we could record their pay. At pay-out I made the readers an offer Bank of America would never consider. “If you leave a quarter in your account I will match it–that’s right! You will have a 50 cent balance before you read book one!” I think that four kids took me up on it–and we’re on our way to teaching the concept of saving and compound interest!

We had 16 kids today and a dozen volunteers–which is about the necessary ratio. Another good day at the Front Porch Library.

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