this week at the FPL


We are at high tide numbers at the Front Porch Library again. Luckily we have a great cadre of volunteers and today we were joined by Judy Leclere, a seasoned literacy coach. Wow, did we get lucky.

Mr. John and Judy also began coaching some GED seekers so there was a lot of hard thinking going on.

Easy thinking too. Our volunteer Arriana invited another volunteer, Hal, to the Sadie Hawkins Dance with a proposal written on tag board. We were all happy when he accepted.

Reading continued to go on in the reading room, Miss Heather getting a lot out of the readers by asking them questions that required thought–dare I say deductive reasoning.

In the kitchen we made a huge pot of vegetarian chili–yes, kids with knives, chopping. We got a particularly potent onion that sent many kids from the room in tears, but after wiping the tears away with their sleeves they came back. Cumin was declared a really good spice by general consensus.

Banners were worked on at the big table. It was a lively day at the FPL. I’ll wait until tomorrow to mop the floor in the kitchen. Chili ingredients seem to be more-than-a-little affected by gravity.

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