this week at the FPL


With a dozen kids, it was wild and crazy at the Front Porch Library today, but quietly, in the reading room, Miss Heather was finding the “just right” books for each kid and getting them to read, sounding out words like”fetch,” which isn’t that easy if you think back to your own sounding-it-out days.

Outside, with the help of our volunteer Arianna, I was drawing on some standard hippie knowledge and teaching the kids to make “God’s Eyes” using Laurel Cherry saplings and some variegated yarn donated to us by I-don’t-remember-who. Being left handed I needed Arianna to translate the motions for the right handed craftsmen, which was every kid at the table.

In addition to our dozen kids and a great array of volunteers. The basketball action in the street was hot and heavy–both hoops in continuous action.

There was a request that I bring our new dog. Rudy out. The kids took turns walking him. He found this very exciting.

The cake was an unusual casualty. When I shook it out of the pan it fell out in pieces. Olivia doctored it with a massive covering of icing and sprinkles. With the rough terrain of sprinkles who could tell the cake had landed in a lot of pieces?

Another lively day at the FPL. The gang was definitely all there.

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