this week at the FPL


Kary here, reporting for Adrian who had to be away this week leading a writing workshop for adults.  We missed her, but managed to have an action-packed, amazing day anyway.

Donna brought starter dough and baking supplies.  With an apron and heapin’ helping of verve, she brought three groups of kids through the kitchen to make homemade bread.  The youngest ones’ eyes got wide when they heard that the yeast was alive and that sugar and water would “wake it up.”  Robin kept doughy hands from touching every surface in the house.  She also helped pack up the dough and sent everyone home with hand-written instructions for turning their kneaded ziploc bags of goo into scrumptious loaves. Six loaves of bread were baked and sampled — some just plain and hot out of the oven and some with spoonfuls of strawberry jam.  Not surprisingly, all were proclaimed “The Best Ever.”

John, Isaac and I did plenty of one-on-one reading as our Book Bank patrons made their next deposits of time spent reading.  Meg and Hal watched the street and shot some hoops.  Several more woven potholders were finished by four of the kids who demonstrated the triumph of perseverance over stretchy loops of fabric.

We sent three young neighbors home with armloads of giveaway books.  Later I saw Eliana with a paperback open in one hand while the other held the handlebars of her bicycle.  She was making small circles on the street to stay close to group at the basketball hoop.  Every time she stopped, she would look down and read another page.  “It has jokes in it!” she said as she showed me her prize.  Another fine day at the library, indeed.

And here’s the postscript, but it is more like a roar:   Many and ultra thanks to Donna, Robin, Meg, Hal, John, and Isaac !!!!!


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