this week at the FPL

bookbank1Today at the Front Porch Library, wow, were we busy–kids and kids and kids. And we started a new project called The Book Bank. I think I’ll explain the thinking behind it first. We try to nurture many things at the library. The foundation is built on reading skills, but our kids (probably all kids) are terrible at waiting for a reward, planning ahead and seeing money as something that isn’t meant to be spent instantly.

So, the Book Bank. I made a big chart covering the next two months of Sundays. The kids are being encouraged to read two books apiece each week to a volunteer–Miss Heather is finding the “just right” reading level for each kid and each reader has a volunteer of their own to read to. For each book read they put a stamp on their square on my chart (we have a nice spider web, butterfly, and dinosaur stamp selection).

At the end of the month the weekly square says PAY DAY, SWEET! And we pay the kids a quarter for each book read–at two a week in a five week month that adds up to a whopping $2.50. But if they really want to take high finance up a notch they can leave money in the bank and EARN INTEREST–what a concept!

I know that pay for reading may raise your eyebrows, but our kids need a little real-world training–and today they read at a rate they haven’t for months. Mr. John rewarded them with a scratch cake and they shot hoops in the street. Everyone had a great time. I’ll let you know how our grand experiment goes after the shine of week one wears off, but so far so good.

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