this week at the FPL


Today was the great cookie bake-off at the Front Porch Library. Mr. John made a huuuuge batch of gingerbread dough. I made and equally huuuuge
batch of sugar cookies (yes, I counted the number of uuuuus and they are equal), and a moderate amount of chocolate chip cookie dough.

Fortunately, it was warm enough to set up the decorating table outside on the lawn. Indoor decorating can be catastrophic when working on a rug that is old enough to collect Social Security. I made bowls of icing and bought loads of those way-too-expensive shaky bottles of sprinkles, and the icing and decorating began. There was some screaming when the yellow jackets showed up, but we got used to them walking around harmlessly on the icing.

We had ten kids (or eleven?) The sign-in sheet didn’t rank really high on our to-do list. Miss Robin manned the kitchen–she said she felt like Lucy in the conveyor belt episode. She ended up putting some of the leftover dough in the fridge, wrapped in saran wrap. She saw great commercial possibilities in the rolls of gingerbread dough. “They could be marketed as reindeer poop.”

We fitted kids with bike helmets and gave away books and toys. Each kid got a book and something off the gift blanket. I especially liked Klark choosing a giraffe for his sister, guarding it against all comers.

There was biking on the street with everyone borrowing Vivienne’s two-wheeler, each time with her warning, “It’s a killer!” Which it kind of is. The brakes are stiff and it likes to fall over.

We sent the kids home with bags of iced cookies to share and books and small gifts. Fortunately we had great volunteer help: Ernest, Heather, Hanna, Jorge, Penny, Michael, Robin, Isaac…golly, who did I forget?

We will be closed next week so I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supports this very local effort at literacy literacy and community. We exist thanks to generous donations of time and small monetary donations.

I promise, this will be rare (not a public radio/television pledge drive–they pay much bigger bills than we do), but if you would like to make a donation to the Front Porch Library, here is the link: Make a donation to The Front Porch Library

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