this week at the FPL


The Front Porch Library had two activities lined up. The first was carefully planned; a great bird project (stringing cereal and popcorn, making seeded pinecones). The second involved a big cardboard box picked up by the side of the road. There is now a small Magnolia tree decked with bird treats on the library lawn, but the cardboard box (of the large appliance variety) was definitely the winner in the what-we-want-to-do category.

Olivia, Klark and Vivienne added a fabric door and loads of artwork leaving the popcorn stringing to adults too old to feel the thrill of an appliance box.

Big thanks to Donna, planner of the gathering and to John, Robin, Penny and Hunter for covering the afternoon for me while I played at the Democratic Party party. I did bake the weekly cake (I am not a total slouch). It was devil’s food. John took care of the icing.

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