this week at the FPL

This week at the Front Porch Library Miss Heather took over for me so I am going to paste her report here. As you will see, we are booming again–17 kids–woohoo!

we had lots of kids reading (Shameesia, twins Tamia and Tamiya, Delmus, De Vaun, and more); there were kids playing basketball and riding bikes and scooters (Arianna, chloe, and more) (narrowly missing each other); TJ asked for paints, so we got them out and there was painting galore; Olivia and Clark brought their cousins (twins) who were in town visiting. at the beginning, i asked kids to share something they were thankful for and we had siblings and a mother and a dog mentioned and Corinne said “everybody in the whole world.”

the cake was a big hit (decorated by Corinne and Chloe and maybe TJ) and i had to cut narrow slices in order to make it stretch – at this rate, we’ll need to make 2 cakes in the future

also the healthy snacks were much appreciated and disappeared into smiling faces

17 kids, but luckily we had good weather so most were outside, and there were lots of volunteers on hand: Hunter and his mom, Arianna’s dad Kip, Chris (grandma/mom), new high school volunteer Arianna – who jumped in without reservation on her first day, Meg, John, Jen, and me – and Kary showed up to help with photos and clean up

here’s the only photo i managed to grab – i was so busy reading with kids, that i didn’t get to take more

it’s like a where’s waldo – mom and grandma are playing checkers, 4 kids in foreground, 3 further back to the left and 2 or more in the distance playing in the street.

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