this week at the FPL


Today was a work day at the Front Porch Library–although it closely resembled a typical non-work day. We were feverishly getting ready for our neighborhood block party next Saturday. That meant chili–and that meant kids with knives (they are better at chopping than you might think). Olivia even took on the stubborn vegetables like carrots. I know, carrots are not usually found in chili. Did I mention that chili is not a real specialty of mine?

Posters were made at the big white table–as soon as the rain threat passes we’ll be stapling our somewhat cryptic invitations to the block party to poles. Klark did one with a beautiful smiling flower. Vivienne put our dog stamps to good use. Miss Kary, in an act of adult forethought, cut a stencil for a sign that actually contained the details and can be reproduced with spray paint.

Mr. John browned all the meat. Three pots of what we like to think of as chili are cooling on the stove, waiting to go into the fridge.

There was also a sumptuous meal of plastic foods served on the red rug,and the Tinker Toys were assembled into their usual windmill shapes.

Our volunteer Cole treated us to a view of his chin–it is something like shave-your-beard-off month. He looked good. Hunter, as always, filled in all over the place, eating plastic food with Vivienne, peeling tomatoes and reminding everyone that it was about time to eat cake.

Lexi, who is about to turn two joined us with her dad, Yohannes. A new library kid!

We (hopefully) are on target for a great block party. Miss Meg is making a dragon float for the bike parade. Miss Tracy ordered helmets to give away to helmet-less riders. Onward! Another fine day at the Front Porch Library.

DSC01207 DSC01215 DSC01217 DSC01218

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