this week at the FPL


It was Halloween party day at the Front Porch Library. I set up multiple, highly considered stations all over the yard. Many, many activities happened although not quite the ones I’d planned.

The dress-up station set off the girls, Olivia, Arriana and Vivienne, in a torrent of dramatic improv theater, aided by Hanna, one of the kindest volunteers ever.

The boys fixated on major Lego construction, rendering access to the kitchen nearly impossible for anyone not skilled at the long jump. Kweli, Klark and volunteers Michael and Isaac were building up a storm when the twins–always the perfect storm–blew in. We were so glad to see them–we had about given up on their be-back promises.

Kweli went home and got his Batman costume. Man, do they build muscles into these modern costumes. We kept coming across him crouched to spring in superhero readiness all over the house and yard.

We bought two pumpkins, which was about our financial limit, but they were big and we got three faces on each which Kip and Sally carved. Gut removal was done mostly by kids–the yuck factor was irresistible. Our candles were measly but we got a faint glow out of them.

We had a guess-how-many jar of candy corn. Guesses ranged from 40-2,000. The actual number was 263. The nearest guess was Harper’s at 200.

Today’s specialty of the house was worm cake (chocolate with protruding gummy worms).

Miss Kary and Miss Heather took care of photography and general chaos management.

Long before library time CJ1 came over to say he was moving to Jacksonville by the end of the week–but if that didn’t work out he’d see us next Sunday. I’m going to buy some super glue and stick our kids’ shoes to the library floor. It’s the only way to prevent their random departures.

A fine day at the FPL.


DSC01141 DSC01144 DSC01174 DSC01177 DSC01179

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