this week at the FPL


Today at the Front Porch Library we had the Return of Jennifer–one of our longest serving and most incredible volunteers. Back from Chicago for a wedding, we were her number one must-visit.

She brought her husband Ed and their baby Kenji–while he was busy getting himself ready for his first appearance in the world the kids of the FPL made him a beautiful quilt. Embroidered in the center it said “There once was a boy named Kenji…” Now he is walking like a man who just climbed off a horse; the boy has a wide stance. He enjoyed the heaped up corner of building toys almost as much as he enjoyed the gravel in the driveway.

Vivienne was the baker’s assistant today. “Aren’t you glad you have me to lick the spoon?” Vivienne and Mr. John came in for a second round, making hot pink strawberry icing–enough to drown more than one cake, so we drowned our one-and-only cake extra well.

It was my father’s birthday today, and since he is the patron saint of the library and its former resident I told his story as the program. I sure do miss him, but I feel close to him every time I come into the house. If I’m alone I still say, hi Dad.

We did some Halloween projects and dug under the hedge. As long as Kweli is coming to the library the shovel will, at some point, come out. He and Isaac disturbed a few grubs, but nothing of the gold or silver persuasion. Kweli remains ever hopeful. A fine day at the FPL.


DSC01067 DSC01072




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