this week at the FPL



It was poetry day at the Front Porch Library. We wrote some as a group. I was the note taker. Everyone else had their hands full of Legos. Here are a couple of samples of our collective wisdom in the poetry department:

I really hate this school
It makes me want to drool
I wish there was a vampire ghoul
to bite the teacher and make her cool


The thing that lives under my bed
looked up at me and said
a snake bit me on the head
and I very soon will be dead

We played bocce on the lawn and discovered that we were short a green ball. We already are pretty liberal in our interpretation of the rules, but even for us this was a real step down. Olivia and Klark won.

The end of library was a flurry of bike antics in the street. Our very local volunteer Cole is a big bike rider and he took the lead. Everyone compared things like the pressure in their tires and the action of their hand brakes. Vivienne kept yelling, “My bike’s a killer!” and she could have been right. Her hand brakes were way too stiff for her to operate. I ran alongside her as her hand brake substitute.

In the driveway, Talese and Kary assembled a wheel barrow for the community garden–one discarded in pieces by a neighbor. It still needs a wheel–so for now I think it is a wheelless barrow.

The cake was baked by the kids. Strawberry, served warm with turquoise icing, whipped cream (not whipped to the butter stage this week) and fresh strawberries. Another good day at the FPL!


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