this week at the FPL


What a super-fine day at the library. Vivienne’s mom, Robin ran the kitchen–today I thought it would be nice to bake the cake together and eat it hot (it was chocolate) with whipped cream. We whipped the cream a little too enthusiastically–Robin passed it off as “clotted cream” and made it sound very exclusive, even British.

Meanwhile in the living room Lego construction was in full swing along with reading and story telling. I read an African legend, Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears, then I had a hat full of similar ideas, which we created stories to explain. Why is the eagle’s head white? (he stuck his head in a bucket of bleach thinking it was water). Why does the panda eat bamboo instead of meat? (He realized he was putting on a little weight and decided to go on a diet).

Umbrellas were issued to volunteers who walked fliers advertising the library around the neighborhood, and .,. Voila! we had seven new kids today.

While it rained Keith, Kwili, Dallani and Vivienne played Twister on the porch–Dallani claimed she sprained her leg–which I think is the real goal of playing Twister. Illustrated books were started on a table in the kitchen and went home with their authors to be finished at other kitchen tables.

We all tried the pomegranate and I told the myth of Persephone (another one of those stories that explains why things are the way they are). Pomegranate seeds went home in baggies to be tried by mothers. Before crossing the street to his house, Kwili planted a few in the bed beside the driveway. This was an extra good day at the library.

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