this week at the FPL – during which we eat bugs !


Every Sunday morning I write the day’s library activities on the sandwich board at the end of the driveway. Today the sign said, “The Bug Man is Coming.” And come he did. Andrew brought hissing cockroaches and cases of mounted bugs that smelled like a northern winter closet tangy with mothballs. He brought lightly sauteed grubs for our gustatory enjoyment–the Yuck Factor was off the charts. (Actually, they were crunchy with a mild flavor somewhere between peanuts and boiled potatoes).

I love insects, so for me this was a banner day at the library–the only thing cooler than an insect is a spider.

After discussing the criteria that rules a species in or out of the insect club and patting the hissing cockroach (the roach cooperatively hissed) and talking about the services insects provide (thank you honey bees!), we exploded outside for basketball and a really energetic water balloon fight.

It was a fine day at the library–and while the water balloons exploded some of the adults discussed a neighborhood potluck. We’ve had a rash of break-ins lately, and eating together will give us a chance to compare notes. I love this neighborhood, from the kids who bike or walk to the library to the adults who nod and say “Morning” when I’m walking. Community is my favorite thing–even favorite-er than spiders.




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