this week at the FPL


Today at the Front Porch Library we did “stations.” Yup, there was the Bone Station, the Weird Kitchen Gadget Station, the Story Station, the Word Station, the Guess Station and the Smell Station. This is probably not detailed enough for you to imagine.

The bone station (for example) had skulls: raccoon, possum, heron, sea turtle, horse, and one whale vertebra (all found, no animals died for this experiment).We checked out things like how big the brain might be given the size of the cranium, the position of eyes and shapes of teeth (predator or prey), we guessed whose skulls they were.

The Guess Station had things like a pillow case with objects that had to be identified by feel. Smell station? Scents to be identified by sniff.

We followed up with a scavenger hunt for things like objects beginning with the letter W and three kinds of seeds. Kids raced around the yard, or knelt in the grass trying to figure out if that little jot on the underside of the leaves might be a seed–if not today, then someday.

Also on the lawn, Olivia and CJ 1 demonstrated, once again, their gymnastic prowess.

Next week is the last before schools starts again so we are planning a big finale: Tiffany leading a rhythm workshop, an end of summer party including water balloons (of course), distribution of school supplies and a preliminary farewell to Jorge, our volunteer of four years who insists on going to college in Chicago–had we known those letters of recommendation were going to be used to actually LEAVE the FPL, we would never have written them.

Another fine week at the FPL.

DSC00781 DSC00789 DSC00797 DSC00798 DSC00800 DSC00803 smell1 smell2

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